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Welcome to the Canton of Northpass!

This is the "official" site of the Westchester, Putnam (and as some say the Bronx) chapter of the SCA known to all as the Canton of Northpass that is of the Crown Provence of Østgarðr which in turn is within the East Kingdom of the SCA. (The exact southern border of our land is currently under some debate though...)

We are all focused on the upcomming most awesome gathering to honor John Barleycorn as we celebrate his martial qualities...


Please forgive the clutter as we fix things and remove cobwebs!

We have finally fixed the issues stoping us from updating teh site!


There are numerous activities, practices, events and gatherings. For a complete list of the local and a few nearby ones.

We will be hosting the second occurrence of A day in Florence (called a "Second day in Florence") on October 24th through the 26th. Last year was so fun we needed to party again. This time the theme is the same as the gathering is again hosted by Giovanni and Ettore as we celebrate success in our ventures. All are welcome to join but be aware this is a focused event such that we will be living out a Florentine dinner party. The food, music, atmosphere, and additutes of the mid 15th C of Florence will be on display. The event details are here.

The Provence is hosting Musician`s Day on November 21st - 23rd. This lovely event is a focused time for instrumentalists and vocalists to learn and sing and play together. Even if just to listen to the lovely music this event is awesome! The details are hosted here.

We are looking to host an event with a masked ball that we are calling Winter's Night Masquerade. The food, music and dance are the focus but the party allows for crash space... No reason not to keep the party going. The date may be changed...Details are available here.

Bear`s Tavern is also being prepared. he plan is much as we have done for years. This is a chance ot gather and celebrate with friends as the dark winter is beginging to come to a close. Details will be posted once available.

Plans for yet more events are ongoing... Please see the facebook group, the yahoo group or the links for local events or local practices for more information. As a sampling we offer Archery, Dance, armored fighting, brewing, and more... Most of these are not "regular" in schedule so it is a good thing to be on the list or the Facebook group.

Our local commons meeting is (usually but not this time) held on the first Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm. The details of where we meet vary. The next meeting will be on Thursday October 3rd at the home of teh Seneschal at 8 Clark Place in Port Chester, 10573 (all GPS and online map /directions seem to get you right to our door.) The plans being a brief meeting with discussion of upcoming events and practices, Officers thoughts and (of course) eating and socializing. We will also keep up the conversation on the future of Northpass as we grow. If you have questions about this gathering or need directions please call Wilhelm at 845 800 2407 (cell) or 914 305 2153 (Home.)

Who are we?

We are a gathering of like minded persons who share our love of the past, of chivalry, of fighting and of song. There are no requirements or tests to join us. If you have interest please feel free to contact any of our officers, join the yahoo group, or come to one of our meetings or events.

Events and local happenings

We have occasional gatherings called events. Some feature tournaments and feasts, while others specialize in learning about particular arts of the former ages. For a listing of other events sponsored by us or other local groups please go here.

We also have a Yahoo Groups page with pictures and other information here.

Also, you can find us on Facebook! Please look for the "Canton of Northpass" group (not the page) as a good (but unofficial) means of following the Cantonal fun.

Some external links...

The SCA web site. All policies of the SCA are available there Please be aware that this is a the web page of our local group. For Society wide information please go there!

For the East Kingdom web site. The East Kingdom was the second "kingdom" grouping added to the SCA (the first not surprisingly was known as the West Kingdom. There are currently 19 kingdoms within the SCA including 2 that are entirely beyond the bounds of the USA.

For the Østgarðr web site. We are part of the "Crown province of Østgarðr" which consists of the Greater NYC area. We are one of four Cantons within the Provence.

For where are we "on the map" (of the southern region of the East Kingdom.)

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