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The Feast of John Barleycorn - Dead or Alive!


Fall comes near and all who have known the joy of the fete look forward to the gathering feast in honour of John Barleycorn. Rumors of his demise are to be ignored as simple rubbish (but wouldn`t we party even if that were the sad case?) In any case, dead or alive, come let us again revel in the finest of the traditions that we hold dear. We eat and toast in the honour of the one and only John Barleycorn! (Or if the fates so bewail us we will solemnly toast his memory as we morn.) 

Regardless of his fate, we will renew the numerous traditions that bind us to our past and allow us to enjoy the present. All are welcome to join us and share their memories of years past as well as creating memories anew!

We will fight! Our martial activities will, as is meet, feature Sir Edward`s Challenge. Aspiring unbelteds can meet on the field of battle but only after they are tested in their knowledge and their grace. We hope even more for the good health of the most beloved Viscount then even ol` Jhonny Barleycorn.

We will also continue the long tradition of tournaments of thrown weapons and Archery, of rattan and rapier. We hope to expand our martial offerings this year... Come and fight...or if you wish...come and lead the fighting (that invitation for gentles to lead fighting is open to all who can offer a proper fight. Contact the Autocrat if you have such an offer!) 

We will celebrate the Arts! We are planning as is right to hold a Brewing contest, teaching the joy of dance in the afternoon and a masked ball following the feast, and an arts and science display and that is finer then the last (hopefully less dead then alive.) We hope to grow this offering even more since John Barleycorn knows that the finer arts are vital and worthy of celebrating!

So, come look here as we get closer and update you on our plans. I look forward to you joining our party!

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