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The Brewing of John Barleycorn - The Investiture

Once again the Gratuitous Lily Guild (get it, heehee) offers an evaluation of the efforts of the Kingdom brewers for encouragement in their craft, the betterment of their fame and the entertainment of the populace!

As before there will be FABULOUS PRIZES! PRIZES! PRIZES! offered for all categories: beer, wine, mead, cordial, non-alcoholic and best of show. This year we have prizes AND surprises!

As always, we need judges to help us evaluate the finest beverages in the land! Please contact Lady Aquilina directly at if you wish to judge. Judges will receive a special token of our thanks this year.

As this year's event is a double Royal Progress, we anticipate a large number of entries. Therefore, be advised that if you are arriving on Friday night and want to ensure your entry has maximum exposure, seek ye out the Gratuitous Lily Guild banner and drop it off early.

The brewing contest will be taking place Saturday in the central open air pavilion which is just behind the court area - our banner will be there to let the populace know when drop offs are being accepted. As we have two iterations of court this year, our time to judge will be limited. I expect to have our colors flying and be ready to receive entries by 10am.

Please do not enter more than two entries per category, as largesse is appreciated around the night fires but not in the middle of the day by even the most stalwart of our doughty judges. Also in the spirit of fairness, if you are judging a category please do not enter anything in that category.

ALL INGREDIENTS MUST BE LISTED OR YOUR ENTRY WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.This is to prevent allergic reactions. If you wish to keep your recipe secret, that is fine: ingredients do not have to be listed in order of quantity per recipe.

As this is an SCA competition, it is not a blind taste test. Presentation is part of your entry, thus labels and pretty bottles are encouraged. Please try to document your entries. The attached form is one that you can fill out in advance, then print and bring it with your entries. It should also give you an idea of what the judges will be looking for. I am not, repeat, NOT a judge-level member of the InterKingdom Brewer's Guild, but I am using a variant of their form and following their judging guidelines - because they're there. :)

All beer and mead will be classified and evaluated using the 2008 version of the Beer Judge Certification Program Style Guidelines. You can take a look at them here:

Kindly forward to other local SCA lists and blogs as is appropriate.

Best of luck to all,

Aquilina of the Sea Cliffs
Grand Poohbah, Gratuitous Lily Guild

Entry form

Brewing PicJudgingContest


Rough Schedule:
11:00 - beer
1:00 - mead
2:00 - wine
3:00 - cordial
4:00 - non-alcoholic and best of show

Results will be announced at court!


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