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The Return of John Barleycorn!

Saturday, September 11th, 2010 to Sunday, September 12th, 2010

Come join Prince Gryffith and Princess Aikaterine celebrate with us the return of John Barleycorn to his ancestral home in the northern forests of the Crown Province of Østgarðr . The site has been made pristine and boasts the addition of awesome Yurts for your overnight stay... Doesn`t it look awesome? (Clicking on the pics will open in a new window.)

Yurts Inside CampMortySign Field and Yurts

Stone Steps Lake Feast Hall From outside

At this year's festival of Barleycorn, the Canton of Northpass will host the Provincial martial championships in all disciplines: rattan and rapier, archery and thrown weapons. We also will be holding their Highnesses Order Meetings... Our regularly scheduled brewing competition will be held... There will be Dance... and of course, Sir Edward's Challenge - it wouldn't be a Barleycorn without it. This will be a weekend to remember!

Please join us for a day of fighting, feasting and fun.

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