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A Day in Florence


The place - a dinner party in Florence, the time - the mid 15th Century, the reason for the gathering - two successful merchants are throwing a party for those they know as friends...So, if you are another merchant needing to be impressed, someone from an important family, or anyone else with the pull to be helpful to the hosts.  

This gathering of noble gentles in Florence will do all that is possible and proper to bring back the taste, touch, look and feel of that glorious time and space and so we will have proper food, music, dance, ambiance as is right.  We may even discuss issues of the world...  Those who have clothing appropriate to the day are strongly encouraged to add to the experience...

All are welcome to gather and stay the weekend but from noon until 8 on Saturday we will make the attempt to focus on experiencing the gathering.  The food will be served as a sideboard with space to relax and eat.  The relaxed setting will allow for people to enjoy each others company and experience the day.

The entertainment will be a relaxed series of song and dance (of course all appropriate for the times) performed for all those present.  The dance will be performed for the enjoyment (or ridicule and snickering by) those watching.  It was not yet an "all on the floor" chance primarily for courting a potential mate but instead a chance for someone to share the nobility of himself or his family.  (The merchants of course were so desperate to show how highborn they were...)

The talk will be of our travels and of the "whys" we do what we do in society.  This portion of the day will be truly anachronistic as the debate will include discussions of how our modern SCA society is run.  As an example (please forgive us the loss of surprise from our sharing this) we will debate the rightful way we chose our royalty.  (Should we really expect the highest of the noble men and women to be chosen from a mere vulgar contest of strength? Or does this knighty pursuit bring out the truest in out traditions and rightfully allow the most worthy to be chosen to rule.) If you wish to debate such finer points of philosophy or life feel free to bring your own thoughts to debate (but realize that there may be persons paid to keep discussions from getting out of hand.  Sedition is not happily looked on.)

We expect that this event will allow us to get a taste of what such a gathering would really have been like.  For that reason we will be asking that conversations from our modern world be kept outside the hall or in one of the designated side rooms.  I am very much looking forward to hearing everyone`s thoughts after we try this.  It is a bit of a different concept then has been tried in my experience in the SCA.

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