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Bear's Tavern

This event has been held for as long as we can remember and is a happy chance to kick back and relax. One unusual note for this year is that we will be hosting the Østgarðr Thrown Weapons competition. The planned date is March 2nd through the 4th. Detail is available here.

Brew U

This event was once aa annual Northpass tradition but has been lost to us for over a decade. We welcome the Brewers guild as they partner with us to present the newest instance of Northpass hosting Brew U. Dates are changed to be from April 13th through the 15th . More detail available here with the local website here.

Blood and Axes II

This (unexpectedly) now annual event will be a new instance of last year`s successful one. "Blood and Axes II" will be held July 6th -July 8th and will offer thrown weapons, archery, youth combat, fencing, Heavy list... Last year`s event had very successful Thrown Weapons and Youth Combat but this year we expect all of the activities to be even stronger! Come for Saturday or camp for the weekend. More details available here.

The Feast of John Barleycorn

And lastly planning has already started for our flag post event...The Feast of John Barleycorn held next year from September 7th through the 9th. We have hosted this event for years beyond count From past years we can expect to see Thrown Weapons, Archery, heavy Armored combat, Fencing, Youth combat, Dancing, Brewing and A&S contests, A&S display, Period table and lawn games, many varied classes, and a grand feast with a Masque in the honor of our patron, Sir John Barleycorn. We are also plotting to host the Metalsmith guild and their Metalsmith Symposium. Additionally we have been asked to host the Fencing, Archery, and Youth Combat Championships for the Provence. Details are light so far but will be posted when available. The EK Website announcement is here. The Northpass local (and much more informative) one is here.

Goat's Tavern III

It has been with great joy that we have enjoyed the first two instances of Goat`s Tavern. We are hoping that "third time is a charm" and it will be the best of the lot. There is not yet a theme to share... but (just run with it) there must be youth combat. Currently planned for October 20-21. Details will be shared when available.

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