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The Feast of Sir John Barleycorn - Brewing



Those stories you've heard about the death of John Barleycorn are FAKE NEWS! He is alive and well, and, well, looking forward to another Memorial Brewing Competition in his honor. Chief Instigator Richard the Poor of Ely will run it the same way as was done last year, since it seemed to work well enough. If you remember those rules, great! If not, we'll try to get them distributed as soon as possible. In any case, bring stuff for our crack Ad Hoc Tactical Judging Squad to sample, and we'll make sure it gets the appropriate consideration.

Please direct all inquiries about the competition to Master Richard at, and he'll do his best to respond quickly.


Also NEW THIS YEAR! The East Kingdom Brewers Guild will be hosting a consultation table at The Feast of John Barleycorn. This is a chance to learn about the guild, get feedback on your latest brews, as well as get tips on starting or enhancing your period brewing. Ask questions about recipes you’ve come across. All brewers welcome, period or not.

For any questions please contact Zillah al Sighira al Hurra, the Central Region Warden for the East Kingdom Brewers Guild.


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