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The Feast of Sir John Barleycorn

The Glorious Tournament of Sir Edward the Beloved continues at Barleycorn


The most beloved Sir Edward has shared we can again plan on his gracious running of Sir Edwards Challenge.

NOTE: We have heard there will be some change in format. You will have to attend to learn this years change!

Sir Edward`s Unbelted Challenge!

Viscount Edward Zifran of Gendy would like to thank the the people of the Canton of Northpass, who will once again allow him to present his "23rd Unbelted Challenge" (Editor`s`s pretty much a guess how many there have been by this point! :) at this years`s edition of Barleycorn. This challenge has traditionally been held for as long as memory allows for the aspiring warriors to demonstrate to Viscount Sir Edward and the other members of the Chivalry in attendance, that one has the aspects required to be admitted to the Order of Chivalry along with being able to show off their martial skills.

The Challenge is open to all those who have not have not attained the accolade of Chivalry. Just like last year, it will consist of 2 parts:

1: The written exam - This will be a series of questions which will test the entrant's knowledge in all areas related to the non-martial aspects of Chivalry as defined in Corpora; history and traditions of the East Kingdom will be included in this exam. A passing grade of 50% correct will be required to continue to the fighting round. We suggest that those who wish to test their mental mettle (but not their martial mettle) to stop by and see how they do... I rarely see anyone get all right.

2: The fighting round - This will be a double elimination tournament for those who have passed the written test and have demonstrated their ability to dance.

There will be a winner in each aspect of the challenge and an overall winner.

Please come join in this exciting event. Peers will be in attendance! This has long been a signature part of this event and we are very grateful to the beloved Viscount Sir Edward for his grace and kindness in lowering himself to travel so far to our lands. We are as always very much in debt to him for running the tournament. If you are not familiar with the Viscount, feel free to ask around as we all seem to have stories that will speak to his amazing prowess and humility. He is the truest man of the renaissance showing valor and grace as well as charity and art.













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