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The Feast of Sir John Barleycorn - The Ransoming of John Barleycorn



There have been several questions asked in the past about the site and the event. Several have been "frequent" so in the interest of sharing information and avoiding surprises please read the (somewhat generic rewritten versions of) some of those questions...

"Can you describe the accommodations? "
They are in large wooden yurt buildings, pictures of which inside and without are here and here. The accommodations are 10 bunks per yurt (and we have only 12 yurts available in total so we cannot afford to leave any spots empty...)

"Is there any kind of padding on the beds "
There is padding...not what would entice one to exclaim that it is great luxury but I can say I slept well on it in the past.

"Where are bathroom facilities? (Are they in the cabin or nearby?"
It is a short walk away in a very new and clean facility. This bathhouse is actually a strong selling point of the site.

"Is there electricity, a sink, or a refrigerator? "
In at least most of the yurts there is electricity (two outlets) but there is certainly not a refrigerator or a sink. Depending on need we can certainly keep items in the kitchen refrigerator if needed. The nearest sink is in the bathhouse.

"Is there private space for changing? "
Not in the yurts but in several areas. There is not a specific "changing area." Most change in one of the bathrooms...

"Is there room for storing personal items and extra garb"
Yes, please see the dressers in the picture...

"How far are the cabins from the main event area or hall? "
The Yurts are right next to the main activities... They are a few steps above ground (great to avoid any chance of water getting in...but the steps are a bit steep.) The site is divided by a short walk along water with the yurt side having the outdoor amphitheater (where court is expected to be held), the great field where the fighting occurs, the bathhouses, the area with the vigils, the merchants, the tent space, the thrown weapons, the afternoon dancing, the brewing contest, and the evening revels. These activities are all a short distance from the yurts with the exact distance depending on which of the 12 yurts you are staying in. The other side of the site contains the archery field, the main feast hall, the A&S display and the dancing.

"How far is the parking from the cabins?"
A good distance, but you can drive up to the yurts or tent camping area to unload or to load up after.

"Is the site dog Friendly?"
Most certainly! We are allowed to have dogs (on leash) in all portions of the site. The owners are responsible for their pet`s behavior at all time though.



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