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The Feast of Sir John Barleycorn - The Ransoming of John Barleycorn

The food!


The main of the kitchen will be at the glorious providence of Mistress Brigitte and her amazing team creating the Dayboard and feast! We will have food starting with a pot luck on Friday evening and continuing through Sunday breakfast before we leave. The following detail is offered as a guide.

Friday evening potluck:
We gather with a potluck evening. Some people bring enough for themselves and eat their own food. Many others bring to share. There is no wrong answer as we gather and party. The hall is available to us to heat /reheat as needed.

Saturday AM Breakfast:
This will be cooked and served in the main hall. We plan on coffee being available after Breakfast is served but food will be pulled no later then 10 AM so other activities can begin in that space.

Saturday Dayboard:
The dayboard will be served in two primary locations 1) the stone pavilion and 2) the main hall. We will also try to serve as possible to the list fields. (We will make rounds to make sure water is available all around.)

Saturday Feast:
The feast is in the main hall and we have a great menu of food planned (see menu link to the left.) This is one of the most festive parts of the event. This year will be grand with a 5 course feast!

Sunday AM Breakfast:
This will be cooked and served in the main hall. We plan on cooking and shutting down so the kitchen can be cleaned and all gentles can break and return home.


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