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The Feast of Sir John Barleycorn - The Ransoming of John Barleycorn



We are close to presenting the latest edition of the feast of old John Barleycorn and we believe this will be one of the best! We have hosted this event for years beyond count (but frequently argue how many of them there have been!) We will see Thrown Weapons, Archery, Heavy Armored combat (featuring the Return of Sir Edward`s Challenge), Fencing, Youth Combat, Dancing, Brewing and A&S contests, A&S display, period table and lawn games, many varied classes, and a grand feast with a Masque in the honor of our patron, Sir John Barleycorn.

This year we will remember the story of how Sir John Barleycorn was held for ransom on his return from the Crusades. Should we collect funds for the ransom? Should we send an army? Should we appeal to the captors better natures?

The food and party that we will enjoy (as is right to be) will be beyond compare (as brought onsite by the amazing Brigitte) so after you do the SCA in the afternoon... we will have an awesome revel as out to be held in honor of our patron.

As in recent years we boast a site with a beautiful great field, a large hall, a stone amphitheater, indoor and outdoor class space, wifi, and yurts for overnight stay (see event website for more details on all of this.)

We proudly can share that we are hosting this year`s Metalsmith Symposium. In short, every sort of smiting or working of metal and glass will be shown or taught. Many classes are scheduled with more coming!


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