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The Feast of John Barleycorn - Voyage to Mongolia!

Featuring Their N`Excellencies - Lord Suuder Saran and THL Lada Monguligin


Greetings from Northpass!

We are gathering all that is needed for our 28th annual celebration of “The Feast of John Barleycorn” from September 9th through the 11th, 2016. We will be celebrating John Barleycorn`s honor and virtue with a grand feast and frivolity… We will have tourneys and tests of martial honor for those to test their abilities with sword or axe, bow or spear… We will enjoy the traditions and grace of the finer arts as we continue the brewing contests, the dancing, the masque, the A&S display, the classes and the games. We will celebrate in the feast hall and at fireside. There will be chances for young to learn and the less young to share their knowledge and brag of their achievements.

Planning was struck asunder when it became clear that a sea change in nobility was about to take place. A decision was made for John Barleycorn to travel to Mongolia and to visit the soon to be minted nobility (called in our humble outpost of the Crown Provence “Their N`Excellencies”) and so John Barleycorn will traverse and attend the glorious investiture of Lord Suuder Saran and Lady Lada Monguligin as the rightful Vicregals of these noble lands. We intend to join him, the Great Royalty of our Kingdom, and all the rest of the populace to celebrate the grand occasion of this Vicregal succession!

Østgarðr is at a crossroad. Sir Gui and Baroness Johanne i Visby, Viceroy and Viceriene have served their time but at their instruction and according to the traditions of the Provence, we have Heirs to the office! Lord Suuder Saran and Lady Lada Monguligin will be installed as rightful Viceroy and Viceriene by the power and immeasurable nobility of Their Royal Majesties Kenric æt Essex and Avelina Keyes! There will be the last Court of Gui and Johanna followed by the Investiture! There will be royal court of Their Majesties and the first court of their N`Excellencies Suuder Saran and Lada Monguligin . This will be a grand occasion worth attending and remembering in song and boast for generations!

So, join John Barleycorn and all of Northpass and the whole of the Crown Provence of Østgarðr in joining this great day with all of the Pageantry and Glory it deserves! Come celebrate with the fighting, fencing, and weapon throwing according to both the traditions of Barleycorn as well as the chance for their N`Excellencies to chose their worthy Champions! Come share and attend the finer arts that we have become accustomed to. Come feast with this year’s foods being from the Mongolian empire to celebrate the day! Come revel in the day and make memories!

For more detais or for answers to questions please email the event steward or join the event on facebook ... You can also Friend John Barleycorn himself to follow ther exploits of his trip to Mongolia as he travels!


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