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Brew U

Returns to Northpass!


Northpass is known for many things.  Among the arts we patronize is the art of Brewing...  so when we were asked by our dear friends of the Brewers Guild if we wanted to host their gathering there wasn't much to say other then "what day?" So we are proudly able to share that we are hosting this year`s Brew U!  

To describe the event in the words of the Guild "The East Kingdom Brewers Guild invites you to join us in the Canton of Northpass for a day of learning and sharing at our Brewer's Collegium!

Whether you've never brewed a thing in your life or you're a seasoned veteran, we have something for

Join us for a day of classes ranging from basic to advanced topics, Panels to give you in-depth feedback and rank in the Guild, and Roundtables to share and learn from brewers of all stripes!

Never heard of the East Kingdom Brewers' Guild? Check out our website and handbook for more information about our activities: 


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