The Steward of our Feast will be our well beloved Baroness Johanne i Visby. For more detail.

Keeper of the Door
Please send all pre registrations to:
Rachel Bornander
8 Clark Place
Port Chester, NY 10573

For more details.

The Musical Chair -or musicians contact
is the endlessly talented Conandil ingen Donngaile. Please email her for all things musical.

The Dean
of the school would be myself (Wilhelm.) Feel free to email me about anything. If you prefer phone please use 845 800 2407. For a "word from the Dean."

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The Third Dance Academy and a Ball in the Canton of Northpass

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Princes and Paupers, Counts and Commoners, Let me beg all to come together on the next Feast day of Saint Domitian for a Day of Dance. Join us as we offer again An Academy and Ball in the Canton of Northpass, under the kind patronage of the Viceroy and the Vicereine of the Crown Province of Ostgardr. 

Spring will be in full force and our fair lands should be celebrating the fair joy of Spring but yet our lands and our sons have been gathering for war. I offer to you a vibrant school of learning followed by the most festive of joys that one can know. And that of course is the Joy of Dance! Come join us in celebrating the inspiration of the songbirds and the lengthening of the days... So, as before, we propose a grand celebration of our beloved joy of Dance.

We offer an Academy of worthy mentors from throughout our renowned Kingdom, and from the strange lands of kings unknown, all gathered this day for the lone purpose of sharing the art of Terpsichore. The opening of the day will consist of a schola for all… whether one is most graceful and advanced in our courtly art or for those who are more used to guarding our lands in Armour and Shield. We will also be renewing the well received scholarly discussions for those who live our great art to share one with another! 

To stave off impending Hunger there will be Sustenance throughout the day and at the close of instruction we shall fortify ourselves with a brief repast before the Revel begins.

The finest of the Musical Arts from across of our fair land and even those far to the north and south will regale us with waves of Music as we indulge ourselves in the most Grand Ball. Our celebration will weave dance and song from courts and manors of Italy, France, and the Kingdom of England.

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