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Directions to the Provincial Dance Practice in Central Park

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I would certainly suggest that you carry our phone numbers with you on the occasion of your first visit to our practice. We carry our cell phones with us and can help you find us if you find the below directions unclear.

Wilhelm - 845-800-2407
Conandil - 845-978-9911

Directions from West side of park: Take whatever transportation you need to get to Central Park West and 81st. I recommend the B or C train to 81st Street. Exit the subway on the north side of the train (that's the front if you're traveling uptown, and the back if you're traveling downtown...) Cross the street and enter the park. There's a nice path there. Stay on it. There will be a playground on your left immeadiately after you enter the park and a tree in the middle of the path shortly afterwards. Go around the tree and follow the path to the right when the path branches. This will take you down a hill and up a hill and across the road that runs through the park. After crossing the street, continue up the hill and make a right in front of the big stone building (public restrooms). Go up the very uneven stone stairs at the end of the path. At the top of these stairs, look to your left. The Castle will be on the other side of a little clearing with a path running through it.

Directions from East side of park: Enter the park from the east side and 79th street.  Enter the park on the north side of 79th street; keep going due west along the paths until you see the Lake and the Castle. Swim the lake, climb the cliff, and enter the castle, or go around the lake to your left (walking past the statue of the Polish guy on a horse), and keep the lake on your right; you'll eventually see the back entrance to the castle (marked by, you guessed it, more stone stairs; note that the first, narrow stairway you see going this way -isn't - the correct one; you need to keep going a few yards and you'll see some nice broad stairs, leading onto the landing; those are the ones you want.)  Go up these broad stairs to the castle.

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