Steward of the Feast
is the renouned Nello da Venezia. Please email him with any food or dietary concerns.

Keeper of the Door
is the beloved Lady Aurora. Please send all pre regrestrations to:
Kathy Martin
1556 Kimble Avenue
Mohegan Lake, NY 10547

The Musical Chair -or musicians contact
is the endlessly talented Conandil Dongaille. Please email her for all things musical.

The Dean
of the school would be myself (Wilhelm.) Feel free to email me about anything. If you prefer phone please use 845 800 2407.


A Dance Academy and a Ball in the Canton of Northpass

Princes and Paupers, Counts and Commoners, come together on the Feast of Saint Brandan for a Day of Dance.  Join us for An Academy and Ball in the Canton of Northpass, in the Crown Province of Ostgardr.

Spring will be upon us and our Great Kingdom will prepare for the approaching dark clouds of War, yet for those of us who pine for the more Noble Arts, we propose a celebration of the beloved joy of Dance.

We present an Academy of worthy mentors from throughout our renowned Kingdom and from distant and foreign Lands all gathered this day for the lone purpose of sharing the art of Terpsichore.  The day will consist of instruction for all Dancers… whether one is blessed with Feet most graceful or those Cursed with Two Feet, alas both left.  To stave off impending Hunger you may avail yourself of Sustenance throughout the day and at the close of instruction we shall fortify ourselves with a Light Meal before the Revel begins.

We have invited the finest of the Musical Arts to regale us with waves of Music as we indulge ourselves in a Grand Ball.  Celebrating the Music of Italy, France, and the Norman and Saxon Lands.

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