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Law & Bylaw of the Canton of Northpass!


Our local Bylaws were (in current form) approved at the September 2018 meeting and are posted here. These are for the general operations of Northpass and are to be supplemented by procedures and policies as well as the oral tradition of "how things are done.'

These Northpass Event Procedures are intended to be guidance and standards for any event run by Northpass. These are to be used by any officer (and all those running events are officers of Northpass) running an event. They can be found here.

These Northpass Gatherings Procedures are intended to be guidance and standards for any non-event gathering run by Northpass. These are to be used by anyone (officer or non-officer) running an gathering. They can be found here.

Provincial bylaws - As we are part of the Crown Province of Østgarðr we are also subject to her law. A recent opinion on what that law is can be found here. There are disagreements on if this was properly ratified but if for no other reason then being polite we should follow them whenever possible.

East Kingdom Law - the Kingdom has it`s own Law, as modified at curia by every crown. The current document can be found here. Also - many, many ,many other East Kingdom policies and procedures can be found here.

The most important and overreaching rule is not to be found in any of these documents though. We ask that all within the SCA aspire with their every action to live the chivalric and honorable dream. If we always put each other and the common dream in our heads and hearts as we act in the SCA most everything else is taken care of.



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