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Nearby practices and gatherings

There are several activities that we gather to learn about or to practice. These practices are all open to any who would join us and much information is shared about these practices at the many local business meetings and the (many) local email groups. Below is a list of several of the many activities we share in and links to pages with additional details. If you have additional activities that should be shared with the proud residents of Northpass please contact me at

Dance: On hiatus. We have dance practices where we can learn and practice dances from the 15th through the mid 17th Century and from Italy, France, Germany, and England. Almost all of these dances are doable for anyone who can walk and were done by all of the people from the highest Nobility to the most insignificant serf. Please email for more details!

Arts and Sciences: Often called simply "A&S" these gatherings can be for specific purposes (such as learning calligraphy or how to create a specific type of garment) or more or less a time where we can get together as a group and work together on our projects and socialize. Currently they include beginning clothyes making with many more activities expected... These activities can be a great way to meet others in our group and to ask questions if you are looking to get started. Northpass hosts many A&S activites with recent ones teaching Fletching, Mask Making, Costuming... For information about the nearby Bronx "Northern A&S" go here here.

Archery: We have the pleasure of many local and sort of local practices for archery. Currently there is a nasient practice at Blue Mountain on Sundays. There is no need for a period bow (my bow is fiberglass and pink) but some of the practices do not allow crossbow. Even if you do not own a bow those who teach usually have "loners" to share. These practices are usually shared on the FB page -recent example gathering detail.

Fighting: On hiatus.This is for those who wish to get their blood boiling and learn to fight in armor. We have warriors who fight in several types of medieval, and not so medieval armor.

Socials: The next one should be announced soon... This is the best chance to relax and not (for a change) be "doing" anything. These semi-regular gatherings usuially involve food and fun of some sort and are a great way for those interested in us to meet and find out more of what we do. SOCIAL LINK.


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