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Upcoming Activities and Gatherings

There are several activities that we gather to learn about or to practice. These practices are all open to any who would join us and much information is shared about these practices at the many local business meetings and the (many) local email groups. Below is a list of several of the many activities we share in and links to pages with additional details. If you have additional activities that should be shared with the proud residents of Northpass please contact me at

Archery Practice

Archery practice at Flying Arrows Sports in Carmel, NY. Ranges are available to 30 yards. Targets available will be FITA 5 color, center circle (a bit more period design) and possibly something heraldic. The range is a shared range, so no garb. Loaner equipment is available through Northpass, the local Westchester/Putnam SCA chapter, so please R.S.V.P. if you need loaner equipment.

Royal Round can be done; please note that there is not a 40 yrd shoot available, so that will not be scored.
Details: Wednesdays, December 12th, 19th, and 26th
6:30-7:45 PM
Flying Arrows Sports
92 Old Route 6, Carmel, New York 10512

Flying Arrow policies include: There is a fee for the range directly to Flying arrow: Bows: $12 for 2 hours; Crossbows: $12 for 1/2 hour
Children under 10 are not permitted on the range; children 10 and older must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

RSVP requested. For specific questions or to arrange loaner gear please email Friderich..
If you have sent an attending RSVP and your plans change, please contact Friderich so he can plan accordingly.

Arts and Sciences: Often called simply "A&S" these gatherings can be for specific purposes (such as learning calligraphy or how to create a specific type of garment) or more or less a time where we can get together as a group and work together on our projects and socialize. Currently they include beginning clothes making with many more activities expected... These activities can be a great way to meet others in our group and to ask questions if you are looking to get started. Northpass hosts many A&S activities with recent ones teaching Fletching, Mask Making, Costuming... For information about the nearby Bronx "Northern A&S" go here here.

Dance Practices:

Please join us for the Renaissance of Northpass’ Dance Practice. Come explore the joys of Renaissance dance. All dance steps and choreographies will be taught. There are many different levels of aerobic intensity– from slower than walking pace to rather sprightly skipping!

Everyone is welcome to join us, no dance experience necessary. Practices are generally held in street clothes; however, period clothing lends to more authentic movement for many of the genres. Once we have built a consistent group of dancers and repertoire we may have specific time and place practices.

Details: Tuesday, Dec. 11, 6:30-8:30 PM
Sunday, Dec. 16, 1-4 PM

6 N Pearl Street, 404 E
Port Chester, NY 10573
Sundays a door opener will be waiting from 12:55-1:15 and on Tuesdays from 6:15-6:40.
If you arrive after the let in times and you can’t get in, please phone 845-978-9911 or 845-800-2407

Accessibility: The building has 2 freight elevators. One is accessible from the 2nd floor– From the 6 N Pearl St. entrance plus a flight of steps; the other is accessible from Irving Ave– this does not require stairs, but a two block walk once inside the building. If you require the use of the elevator, please make arrangements ahead of time with Conandil as both require assistance.

Transportation/parking: Street parking in the area. Weekdays 9AM -9PM is metered. Do not park in the small lot next to the building. This space is also a few blocks from the Port Chester Train station. (Metro-North New Haven Line from Grand Central or Harlem 125th Street; first stop Rye comes to Port Chester, first stop Stamford does not.)

Please direct questions and RSVP to Conandil and Wilhelm at Dance

Fighting: On Haitus, seeking an Indoor space
Next practice is Undetermined
This is for those who wish to get their blood boiling and learn to fight in armor. We have warriors who fight in several types of medieval, and not so medieval armor.

Socials: The next one should be announced soon... This is the best chance to relax and not (for a change) be "doing" anything. These semi-regular gatherings usually involve food and fun of some sort and are a great way for those interested in us to meet and find out more of what we do.


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