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In this great kingdom there are numerous means for gentles to be commended for their service, their valor, or their art.

following are a few of the East Kingdom Awards


(technically SCA wide awards but awarded by each kingdom)
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The Order of Chivalry consists of the Knights and the Masters of Arms. Members are recognized for their great skill at arms in combat, as well as for qualities of courtesy and grace. Knights swear fealty to the Crown during the knighting ceremony. They are entitled to wear a white belt, and a gold chain as a symbol of their fealty. Knights are addressed as "Sir" (name), or for some female knights, "Dame" (name). Masters of Arms are equal in rank to knights. They may choose not to swear fealty, and wear a white baldric (diagonally from shoulder to hip). They are addressed as "Master" (name) or "Mistress" (name).

Members of the Order of the Laurel are recognized for their great skill in the Arts or Sciences, for their willingness to teach others, and for using their abilities to benefit their kingdom. They are addressed as "Master" (name) or "Mistress" (name). Their insignia is a laurel wreath, usually colored green on a gold background.

Members of the Order of the Pelican are recognized for great service to their kingdom or to the Society as a whole, usually for many years and without thought of reward. They are chosen by the Crown in consultation with the Order. They are addressed as "Master" (name) or "Mistress" (name). Their insignia is a "pelican in her piety," a pelican piercing her breast to feed her young with her own blood.

Members of the Order of Defense are recognized for their great skill at rapier and/or cut-and-thrust combat, as well as for qualities of courtesy and grace, for their willingness to teach others, and for service to the kingdom. They are addressed as "Master" (name) or "Mistress" (name), and are entitled to wear a white livery collar and to bear the badge: Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed.

Order of the Rose is also a Peerage-level award, and it is likewise recognized across the kingdoms of the SCA. Roses are those who served their kingdom by ruling as Queen or Consort

Orders of High Merit

This detail was taken from here The six Orders of High Merit are "polling orders": the Crown must consult the companions of the order via a written poll before granting the award.
Order of the Silver Crescent (OSC):  given for service: either long service within an area of the Kingdom from which the entire Kingdom benefits, or by continuing service in ways which directly benefit a large portion of the Kingdom.
Order of the Maunche (OM):  given for arts and sciences, either for excellence in one specific area or for surpassing competence in several.
Order of the Tygers Combatant (OTC):  given for prowess at SCA combat, either for excellence in one weapons form or for surpassing competence in several.
Order of the Sagittarius (OSag):  given to those who show superior prowess at target archery, and who have distinguished themselves in archery in one of the following areas; teaching and demonstrating the art of archery, making archery equipment or by helping to arrange archery at events and/or sites.
Order of the Golden Rapier (OGR):  given for excellence in the art of fence, for superior prowess in the lists, teaching, and promoting and expanding the knowledge of the art.

Order of the Golden Lance: given for prowess in the equestrian lists and service to the Kingdom in marshalling, teaching, and helping to promote and expand the knowledge of equestrian arts.

Youth accolades

Order of the Tyger's Cub:
 for children who display admirable virtue and decorum at events. Members are entitled to act as pages to the royalty until they reach the age of 18. The order's badge is: Or, a tyger sejant azure, its forepaws resting on a torteau. First awarded October 14, A.S. 13 by Gyrth and Melisande. 
Order of Gawain: given to honor and recognize those young people (up to and including the age of 17) who have distinguished themselves by acts of valor, honor, chivalry, courtesy, and leadership within a youth martial activity. Recipients of this award may wear on the left arm a green garter charged with a gold mullet. Established April 22, A.S. 41, by Gryffith and Aikaterine. 
Award of Gilder - given to children (under the age of 18) of the East who display or perform works of Arts & Sciences that manifest the spirit of the East Kingdom Arts. The token of the award is a coin displaying the initials of the awarding Royalty. Established as the Golden Kinder Jul. 18, A.S. 44 by Andreas IV and Gabriella II, renamed January 25 A.S. 49 by Edward III and Thyra II.

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