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Østgarðrian Provincial orders and Awards


Ostgardr-Seahorse.pngOrder of the Seahorse - for service to Østgarðr or distinction in the arts. This can be awarded to those not living in Ostgardr

Ostgardr-Sea-Dog.pngOrder of the Sea Dog - for service within a Canton 

Ostgardr-Silver-Lantern.pngOrder of the Sea Lantern - Arts and Sciences knowledge and particularly for the sharing of the same

Ostgardr-Silver-Sea-Lion.png Silver Sea Lion - for martial prowess and the advancement of the martial prowess of others in the province

Ostgardr-Sea-Star.pngSea Stars - a thank you for doing a particular job at an event or demo. This award can (and often is) awarded numerous times to the same person.

The Østgarðrian Ladies' Favor - Can bestowed by the Vicereine upon the person who has most distinguished him/herself both on and off the list field. She may, if she chooses, confer with the other Ladies of Østgarðr. The Favor is worn for one year and may be rebestowed on the same person. (This honour is not in current usage.)



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