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This is a resource for locals and friends of Northpass to know of events nearby. All East Kingdom events can be found here but this page is a result of trying to answer the question "What is close to us?" The EK site allows us to filter by region but we are at the intersection of the of the regions. Please share to the webminister if you have any suggestions for events that he may have missed.


The Feast of John Barleycorn

This year`s theme is "To be Determined " The Feast of John Barleycorn held next year Dates to be Confirmed. We have hosted this event for years beyond count... We will celebrate with Thrown Weapons, Archery, Heavy Armored combat, Fencing, Youth combat, Dancing, Brewing and A&S contests, an A&S display, Period table and lawn games, many varied classes, and a grand feast with a Masque in the honor of our patron, Sir John Barleycorn. We are also honored to be hosting the Metalsmith guild and their Metalsmith Symposium. Additionally we have been asked to host the Fencing, Archery, and Youth Combat Championships for the Provence of Ostgardr.



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