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Officers of the Canton of Northpass



Leads our local chapter.
Lady Esnede O Murrin

Chatelaine /Chatelain
Newcomer contact and a good person to ask for help getting started in the SCA or aquatinted with the local group. Responsible for helping those new to us get more involved. S/he will also take a lead with organizing demos we run.
THL Wilhelm Larsson
Chatelain deputy Lyssa ingen Faelain

Arts & Sciences
Deals with the finer parts of our Society. She helps connect people with those knowing the how "things were done then" to those willing to learn.
Meadhbh O Gairbhith

Arts and Science Deputy THL Conandil ingen Donngaile

This office holder has two tasks. Firstly she takes notes at all meetings (acting as with the modern office as secretary or recorder) as well as creating and distributing a newsletter for the group. This newsletter is called the Stronghold and current and past issues can be found here.
THL Conandil ingen Donngaile

Helps with Arms and Name registration.
Currently Unfilled, those interested should voice interest at Commons meetings.
Seònaid inghean mhic Aoidh

In charge of keeping track of our Canton`s funds, dispersing them as needed and reporting to the kingdom for them.
Senor Buenaventura Miguel Rivera de ponte roto

In charge of keeping track of our Canton`s stuff, accounting for where it is stored and what condition it is in and reporting this to the group.
Grettir Bjarnylr

Minister of Lists (Officer elect)
Responsible to encourage armored rattan sword fighting and period fencing. Handles authorization processing. Will supervise tournaments when needed.
Currently Unfilled, those interested should voice interest at Commons meetings

Marshal of Fence
Point of knowledge for fencing and for growing prowess is Senor Buenaventura Miguel Rivera de ponte roto

Thrown Weapons Marshal
In charge of throwing and teaching the throwing of sharp pointy things at targets. Also reports to the Kingdom of our activity and the prowess of those who would be scored for royal rounds!
THL Wilhelm

Web Minister
Here to listen to and respond to your complaints or suggestions about this site! In recent years also responsible for the officer email setup and maintenance.
Lord Victor Maximus

Event Officers

Also, all Event Stewards are officers of the group through the completion of their event. Most of our upcoming events are run by those already otherwise officers.

(Paraphrased from EK Law) D. Event Supervision The individual in charge of an event (sometimes called "autocrat"): 1. Must be a paid member of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. 2. Must be eligible to be an Officer of the group sponsoring the event. 3. Is to be considered an officer of the sponsoring group, for the period of time between the group's acceptance of the event proposal and the completion of the event.

The office email of Lilie Dubh inghean ui Mordha and Mistress Sophia as event Steward is

Open offices

We are looking to fill all of the below when there is interest... This is not a complete list of all open offices.

Knight Marshal
Point of knowledge for armored rattan sword fighting and other martial activities but is primarily concerned with safety on the lists.
Actively looking for candidate!
No email currently

Captain of Archery
Point of knowledge for archery and tasked with making archery happen locally.
We are active in archery. We should fill this office!
No email currently

Chancellor Minor
Focuses on making activities available for the youth of Northpass. Also designated as an officer that can make official children's activities as such. There are several locals in this office but none currently listed to coordinate for Northpass.
No email currently




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