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Dance Resources of Northpass

The dances that we enjoy are from the Renaissance or later part of our period. We know that before the 15th Century people danced of course but do not yet have the needed extant details to recreate those dances. (Anyone who has any leads otherwise please contact us at There would be immense interest.)

In the 15th Century we have three groups of sources and dance styles. The first is from a group of three Italian dance masters, the second is (Burgundian) Basse and the third being the enigmatic so called "Gresley Manuscript" from England. For more on 15th Century dance.

In the 16th Century we have many, many sources. We have a source from 1517 in Nurnburg that has a few dances that are a holdover from the century prior and are treated with the earlier dances as they are stylistically almost identical. There are several Italian manuscripts written by Caroso (1581 and 1600) and Negri (1602) describing a style from the later half of the century. We have wonderful French sources such as Arena (1538) and Arbeau (1589) which contain later Basse, Bransles, and much more. We also have several sources for English dances types such as Allemandes, Measures, and Pavanes which were danced with small variation from the middle of the 16th century well into the 17th.

In the SCA we also dance English Country from (as one would imagine) England in the 17th Century. There are numerous sources but locally we limit ourselves to the earlier ones inclusive of the first manual of Playford and a few "non published" sources (such as the Lovelase /Pattricke and the Sloane manuscripts.) This writer does not pretend much knowledge of any of these sources other then having read and danced many of them.

For more information please feel free to contact my lady and myself at northpass dance email.




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